Operating rules of Vlnka playground

Operator: AUSTERLITZ GOLF s.r.o., Rašínova 2, 602 00 Brno, www.hotelausterlitz.cz

These operating rules serves to secure order, safety and protection of visitors  and it is neccessary to follow the rules unconditionally.


  • Our playground is set for children aged 0,5 to 10 years
  • Entrance to all attractions is due to operating and hygienic reasons allowed only with socks put on (nonslip socks and sporty clothes are recommended)
  • It is forbidden to bring any food or dring to the area of the playground
  • It is also forbidden to entre the playground with chewing gum


  • Operator does not take over any responsibility for children visiting the playground. Parents or adults accompanying children are fully responsible for their behaviour and safety
  • All children visiting the playground have to be accompanied by a reliable adult person who is fully responsible for them for the whole duration of the visit


  • Playground is set for physical activity and playing and that requires consideration and mutual respect of the visitors
  • All part of the playground can only be used in accordance with its purpose
  • Safety of the playground is guaranteed and certified by the producer of the playground
  • Playground fulfils all the neccessary regulations and is also controled on a regular basis
  • Game parts and equipment are used at one´s own risk regardless of the operator´s obligation to keep the playground in working order and safe
  • To keep the playground safe it is forbidden to use your our toys and tools in the whole area of the playground
  • It is also forbidden to use hard, loose or sharp items
  • It is neccessary to point out possible danger that might arise when having T-shirts or sweatshirts with laces
  • It is forbidden to climb on the netting


  • All comments and failures refering to the area of the playground can visitors communicate with our team
  • If a number of visitors/children is too high and it doesn´t meet safety rules of the playground, operator can stop an access. Should this happen it is neccessary to expect some waiting time
  • General operation of the playground or some parts of the playground can be temporarily restricted
  • No compensation arises from possible restriction. Operator doesn´t guarantee permanent operation of the whole area of the playground
  • Findings are kept at our reception and if not picked up within 7 days they are handled according to law
  • Visitor is responsible for any damage caused by carelessness or with intention to the operator or to other visitors when using the equipment of the playground (playing or jumping equipment, slides and sanitary equipment)
  • Please respect instructions of our staff. Our team is allowed to order a visitor who doesn´t follow the instructions out of the playground without any compensation