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Kateřina Libenská

a hotel and restaurant manager
Is responsible for operating our hotel and restaurant. The main target is to create a team of people with the same ideas and attitudes whose main goal is (although it sound as a cliché) a happy and satisfied guest

“My goal is to work on a good reputation of our hotel and guests who like coming back to us”

Jiří Zukal

a restaurant supervisor
Is responsible for smooth function of the restaurant on both sides: the services and also our suppliers. Facing unexpected changes is not always pleasant so it’s better to be ready.

“I’m trying to satisfy even the most demanding client at all events”

Our partners

Job offers

There is always lack of skillful and responsible people in our branch. So if you would like to help us to improve the services of our hotel or restaurant do not hesitate to contact us although there isn’t currently any advertisement around: info@hotelausterlitz.cz

We are currently looking for:

A cook

We are looking for skillful and enthusiastic cooks and a deputy chef! We offer stability, working for well-established company, pleasant working environment, young team and above all an interesting job.

We require at least 3 years of experience in our branch, enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things

If you are interested in this offer send us your CV to info@hotelausterlitz.cz.

History of the hotel

The original idea of building this hotel as a base for golf players came from Katerina Libenska’s father in 2003. The main reason for this was a fact that golf was becoming more and more popular at that time. After an agreement with the owner of the golf course about future cooperation, current owners were approached, a suitable estate was selected and than planning of the whole site began.

The owner’s vision was to built a base that would fit into the landscape around Slavkov and correspond with the surroundings. Building of the hotel began at the beginning of the year 2004 and it was open on the 2nd of October 2004. The opening of the restaurant and the clubroom was followed by opening of the six bungalows in the spring 2005.