Satisfy your taste buds

We have always considered high-quality and fresh raw materials as a matter of course and that’s why we sometimes don’t think it’s worth mentioning it. But the high-quality gastronomy boom commands us to show the backstage of our work:

  • vegetables come from the local greengrosers, mainly from Velešovice, with Mírumil Řehák, our Slavkov greengrocer, in the first line.
  • herbs as parsley, chives, basil and mint are grown in our backyard
  • desserts are usually prepared by our cooks but we also like cooperating with small confectioner’s shops.

Let us make your day!

Good food and drinks also involves precise service. Jirka Zukal and his team of smiling waiters and waitresses have been taking care of it for more than 14 years. Except for meals from our kitchen they will offer you a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, for example:

  • home-made ginger lemonade – a great cold or warm drink and tasty lemonades made of high-quality syrups tailored specially for you and produced by Herba company
  • tasting of different kinds of beer from small breweries (Slavkov, Kyjov, Šumice)
  • high-quality coffee Nespresso
  • wine from South Moravian winemakers (Spielberg, Uherka, Šamšula)
  • fine rums as Diplomatico, Zacapa, Pyrat XO, L. Seale’s 10 Y.O. and much more

Choose a place where you feel well.

The restaurant is a heart of our hotel and all the other premises are located around

  • There are 80 places in the main open part of the restaurant. Free space in the middle could be used as a dance floor.
  • Our separated clubroom is available not only for golf players. You can enjoy your coffee even more in the comfortable armchairs there.
  • Small celebrations, company events or training can take place in the separated private room for up to 30 people
  • Next to the restaurant there is the outside terrace with 60 places and a beautiful view. There is also a small playground for kids.
  • The hotel reception is located next to the main restaurant entrance and you can also find a small golf shop there.
  • Your kids can enjoy a beautiful chidren´s playground “Vlnka” in the basement
  • Just a few steps from the restaurant there is the parking place and also the bungalows with hotel rooms and suits.
  • WiFi connection is available in all our premises

The menu