For companies

To organize a seminar, a training, a meeting, a lecture, a company event or a teambuilding is quite demanding and all the effort could be spoiled in a minute. But we can help you with this. Not only we can take care of some issues but you can completely rely on us. We’ll do our best to arrange smooth course of the event and general satisfaction of all participants.

Rent our conference room

A nice, practical and well located room with enough privacy is the key for organizing a successful event. Our hotel can offer you two rooms like that. And if you want to stay outside we can help you to arrange your company event at our terrace with a beautiful view.

What is included in the price:

  • a flipchart
  • a screen
  • a slide/overhead projector
  • a TV and DVD player
  • Wi-Fi
  • parking

Lounge for up to 20 people

This space is perfect for more intimate events and for less people: for example a training or a workshop

Clubroom for up to 40 people

A spacious and representative room with a fireplace can be adjusted for different use. There are also comfortable armchairs.


Tailored catering

So you’ve already found a space for your company event. But a refreshment is even more difficult to arrange. And to be honest, a success of every event depends on this part. Everyone feels great when there is good food. Our cooks are ready to prepare whatever you want – home-made and from fresh materials. We can also help you with choosing suitable menu and recommend what’s popular. We can deal with:

  • coffee breaks
  • all day catering
  • banquets
  • three-course menu, four-course menu according to your wish

Accommodation for company events

One day is maybe not enough. You can stay as long as you wish. We can offer you comfortable rooms and suits for up to 60 people. The accommodation is located just a few steps from the restaurant and the conference premises. You can take a look here. And a tailored price is a matter of course.

Free time programme for company events

If you have enough time to entertain your employees or guests we can also help you with this. First of all it’s possible to use our golf course but we are ready to offer you much more. For your inspiration there are some activities that were very successful in the past:

  • Golf academy – participant can learn how to play golf under the supervision of a professional trainer
  • Golf tournament – when your guests are experienced golf players they can compete in a tournament
  • Wine tasting – you can meet winemakers from South Moravia in person
  • Beer tasting – there are many great small breweries even in South Moravia
  • Visit of Slavkov’s chateau outside the opening hours, demonstration of military uniforms including a cannon shot
  • Roulette, Black Jack or Poker – try these with a professional croupier
  • Ice statues sculpting – very attractive and amusing form of creative work

Do you have a particular request? Let us know and I’ll do our best to meet your expectations.